XAXAXA + Bernays Propaganda

XAXAXA + Bernays Propaganda
Do, 15. September 2011, 21:30 h
Kafe Kult - München,

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XAXAXA + Bernays Propaganda


XAXAXA Skopje; Mazedonien

2011-09-15-kafekultXAXAXA hail from Macedonia’s capital city Skopje and features all three male members of Bernays Propaganda. “Tango Revolucioner” is their debut album comprised of ten fast, melodic, gut rocking tracks in the best manner of Hüsker Dü, Dag Nasty and Rites of Spring – an awesome retro flashback to the eighties, but nevertheless sounding very fresh, and carrying a similar message throughout their songs. Sharp lyrics are sung in their native Macedonian, however, the sincerity and expression that pervade the songs make you feel like they’re sung in a language closest to you, no matter where you come from. Just close your eyes, immerse yourself and let XAXAXA be your guide, and you will surely understand very clear what they had to tell you. And the fabulous music which backs it all up can only help you out with this!

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Bernays Propaganda (Skopje)

Today the messengers seem to act not only as a means of informing, but also as the creators of all seduction, manipulation and mind-control that make us more insensitive to problems that surround us, meanwhile packing their own pockets with cash only to bring fast-paced entertainment to our homes. These are the situations and moments that Bernays Propaganda, appropriately named after Edward L. Bernays, the inventor of PR and all subsequent mediapowered destruction, seek to evoke and rebel against.

From the very beginning of their music journeys vocalist Kristina Gorovska, guitarist Vasko Atanasoski, drummer Dzano Kuc and new bass player Nenad Trifunovski always had to say something which would make you stop and think for a while. Working together as a groovy punk collective Bernays Propaganda, they started more than a couple of small fires very well beyond their home country Macedonia, playing more than 100 shows in nearly every European state during 2009 – east to west, north to south – promoting their debut album "Happiness Machines" during two European tours, they grew in people's hearts and rinsed the media dirt from their ears with dancey music and fierce lyrics. Although sung in their native Macedonian, numerous favorable reviews from abroad prove that Bernays Propaganda's songs, besides all linguistic differences, have more than suceeded to convey the message where it matters.

Shortly after "Happiness Machines" saw the light of the day, Bernays Propaganda started writing their sophomore full-length entitled "My Personal Holiday", which is set for release in May 2010, again on Moonlee Records. Mr. Moonlee just couldn't let them pass, you see – more than ever before, the world needs to hear what they propagate, and who could spread their message better than Mr. Moonlee's little helpers – just to prove that propaganda works both ways. Beating the bastards at their own game has rarely been this much fun! "My Personal Holiday" was recorded utilizing the DIY method by bass player Nenad Trifunovski at the turn of the year and was mastered by noble gentleman Carl Saff soon afterwards. Cover artwork was handled by singer Kristina Gorovska and Caci Chavdarovska.

Musically and lyrically, Bernays Propaganda will satisfy the hunger of everyone who couldn't get enough of their high-energy danceable post-fpunk grooves found on the debut album. Influences such as Gang Of Four, !!!, Fugazi, The Slits, LCD Soundsystem, Gossip and the likes first come to mind, manifesting in the form of hopping guitar riffs and licks interchanged with thumping, groovy bass lines, all linked together with a drum play so uplifting it makes even the dead get up and dance. And the female vocals on top of everything! Uncompromizing and ferocius while amiable at the same time, blasting lyrics as sharp as the razors, shredding rotten souls of false idols, malevolent politicians, deceiving leaders and overly-restrictive governments to thousands of hardly-amendable pieces with such a misterious charm, always kicking exactly where it hurts with a dead-serious attitude.

So, to sum it all up, we urge you to get this album as soon as possible and dance away to what Bernays Propaganda packed up this time. Let "My Personal Holiday" be your personal soundtrack to much-needed changes, within yourself and around you. Is there a better way of of doing it than in such an entertaining, body-moving mannerenjoying? Hardly, barely... Happy Holidays!




Lecherous Gaze California, USA

From the smoldering ashes of punk rock powerhouse Annihilation Time, which festered for a year and a half in a downtown Oakland flop house noted for once housing bands like High on Fire and Drunk Horse, rises the Lecherous Gaze. Steeping themselves in the Hendrix-tripped guitar-god worship of bombastic 70’s rock and the primordial 60s rockin’ rawness of Chuck Berry, Graham Clise and company’s hard-core of Flag and Sabbath worship has congealed into a sticky sweet nug of potent hard rock hash. New front man Lakis Panagiotopulos’s soulful timbres, inspiring comparisons to the legendary larynges of Joey Ramone and Glenn Danzig, layer over the punishing grooves of Chris Grande and Noel Sullivan, as mad axe man Clise shreds his Marshalls to their breaking points. Spending 2010 in a pupal stage of cooking up their jams into a frenzy-inducing stew of awesomeness, while members worked fill-in gigs for the likes of Saviours, Witch and Sweet Apple, Lecherous Gaze have transmuted into the perfect beast to carry rock and roll into the 2012 Armageddon.



Danava Portland, USA


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