Rosetta (USA) + City of Ships (USA) + Screaming Party (MUC)

Rosetta (USA) + City of Ships (USA) + Screaming Party (MUC)
Fr, 24. Juni 2011, 21:00 h
Feierwerk SUNNY RED - München,

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ROSETTA (Philadelphia, Usa - Translation Loss)


Rosetta was the result of the direct collision of three bands all local to the Philadelphia area.
Both Mykado, Sundayrest, and Sense Fracture all had the opportunity to share the same stages on several occasions.
Dave Grossmann (Sense Fracture), along with Matt Weed (Sundayrest) found themselves at wits end with both of their projects and
in September of 2003 these projects ceased to further exists. However this unfortunate turn of events proved fruitful as Dave assembled a small group of local musicians
that shared a common vision for what would become Rosetta. Dave Grossman, Matt Weed, Mike Armine (Mykado) and
BJ McMurtrie (Sense Fracture, Sundayrest) embarked on a mission to expand the minds and sentiments of listeners through auditory stimulation,
blending both traditional and experimental forms of song writing and sound manipulation.

"Their ballistic uniqueness is devilishly abrasive, You'd be a fool not to believe" - Decibel Magazine
"A dense raging avant post metal juggernaut" - Aquarius Records
"Apocalyptic endtime crushdrone-Outer space metal epics, cold and alone, urgent yet sprawling, and utterly immersive." -
"Rosetta leaves an indelible impression on your psyche, nestling deep within the recesses of your mind
all of the swirling riffs, multi-textured rhythms, bombastic exhibits of metallic glory, and serene soundscapes." - Metal Maniacs

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CITY OF SHIPS (New York, Usa - Translation Loss)

What Richmond’s City Of Ships have that most other bands cooling their tootsies off in post-rock/metal wading pool don’t is a vocalist. In Eric Jernigan, this trio has a singer who can actually sing effectively with phrasing and clarity, features which put City Of Ships miles ahead of the many bands with monosyllabic shouters and off-key crooners. The guitars waver between shifty pull-off/hammer-on riffs and stacked power chords and overall, the material is a bi-polar crashing of multi-hued textures and slick heaviness. Some of the movements are obviously influenced, but ‘Look What God Did To Us’ sets a sturdy foundation for what should be a healthy future.

“Pounding bass lines and quirky rhythms and structures that almost have a math metal sort of vibe,
but there's also a constant flow of all kinds of incredibly tactful "post-" influences, from lush clean passages and swirling, spacey effects to noisier layers of intense guitar work.
I'm really fuckin' impressed by this material. Excellent.” –

“The group's frenetic energy and obvious emotional stake in the music
which they play is simultaneously impressive and inspiring.” –

“Amidst the ocean of droney post-rock, post-hardcore clones, there are only a couple bands that catch my attention.
City of Ships had me hooked from beginning to end.” - Razorcake

“This takes me back to a time of discovering exciting new sounds in the underground scene that really blew minds, from Kerosene 454 to Ethel Meserve —
bands unhindered by genre and expressing endless enthusiasm for just playing great music.
City of Ships are hard to describe and easy to enjoy, both great things.” - Exclaim Magazine

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Screaming Party (München)
Neue Band von Ex-Ghostchant Leuten.
Screamolastiger, straighter, technisch versierter Hardcore mit rockigen Einschlägen.

Feierwerk, Sunny Red
AK: 8 Euro
Doors: 8:30pm
Show: 9pm



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