Harry Gump,James Bar Bowen, Vraket @ Rülps Kirchheim

Harry Gump,James Bar Bowen, Vraket @ Rülps Kirchheim
Harry Gump,James Bar Bowen, Vraket @ Rülps Kirchheim
So, 3. März 2019, 17:00 h
Rülps im JUZ Kirchheim - Kirchheim,

Am 3.3. haben wir ein ganz besonderes Schmankerl für euch. Gleich drei Singer/Songwriter sind zusammen auf Tour und machen am Sonntag einen Abstecher ins Rülps.

Harry Gump

Er spielt DIY Punkrock und das alleine! Die Texte sind einprägsam und laden zum Mitsingen ein. Harry Gump sollte inzwischen allen Münchner*innen ein Begriff sein.

James Bar Bowen

(Huddersfield, UK)
Folk Punk with attitude! Ebenfalls Solo und doch nie alleine. James spielte bereits viele Konzerte in Deutschland und auf internationaler Bühne. Zuletzt war er in Neuseeland auf Tour. Im Rülps gibt er sein Debüt!


(Falun, Sweden)
Dieser bärtige Mann ist sonst mit der Band "The Sensitives" unterwegs. Als Solo Künstler begeistert er durch seine mitreißenden Lyrics und sein offenes Auftreten. Auch ihn begrüßen wir zum ersten mal im Rülps.

Early Show: Einlass ab 17Uhr, Beginn 18Uhr.
Eintritt gegen Spende

Also runter von der Couch und ab ins Rülps!


James Bar Bowen, Vraket and Harry Gump on tour in march 2019 –9 days, 8 gigs, 6 countries!


(Huddersfield, UK)
Politically engaged acoustic folk punk from the North of England. Songs to make you laugh, cry and rage!

James Bar Bowen is an acoustic folk-punk singer-songwriter, guitarist and story-teller. He has performed his songs all over the world (as far away as New Zealand,as near to home as his living room in the North of England). He plays mostly his own self-penned songs, and also runs songwriting and performance workshops.

As a political songwriter, he engages with many big political issues (migration, racism, climate change, gentrification, economic injustice) as well as more personal and individual perspectives on life, love and language. He performs with passion, humour, fury and a wry smile, always seeking to engage audiences old and new with what are essentially original and varied folksongs performed with a punk rock attitude.


(Falun, Sweden)
Yay, another straight white man with beard and a fucking guitar!

Playing acoustic guitar with the intensity of a jack russel while howling ingenious lyrics about gender stereotypes, mental breakdowns and the Bavarian police, Martin created another high energy project besides his natural habitat as the songwriter and one of the singers in The Sensitives!

The debut album "Yay, Another Straight White Man With Beard and a Fucking Guitar" is a collection of raw and intense songs recorded in basements, lake sides and living rooms and will be celebrated with a seven week long tour where the songs will be in good company of some favorites from The Sensitives as well!


(Munich, Germany)
One-man-DIY-acoustic-punk from Munich!

Catchy singalong songs in English and German tell stories about more than 300 gigs in 8 European countries (2 more will be added to the list during this tour), talk about social wrongs and appeal to understanding and humanity.

The latest EP „Waterfront“ was recorded in different living rooms as also by the Slovenian riverside andat Galway’s Salthill Prom. You can even hear the waves in the background!


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