Lost Avenue, Forgotten Rats, Dorkatron, Grape @ Glockenbachwerkstatt

Lost Avenue, Forgotten Rats, Dorkatron, Grape @ Glockenbachwerkstatt
Lost Avenue, Forgotten Rats, Dorkatron, Grape @ Glockenbachwerkstatt
Fr, 16. November 2018, 19:45 h
Glockenbachwerkstatt - München,

The Twinkles müssen leider absagen

The Twinkles

The story starts in 1996 when Nick Mess (vocals, lead guitar), True (drums, chorus), Marky (guitar, chorus) and Linda (bass, chorus) decide to play together. The demo tape “DEMO” comes out in 1998 and next step is variety of shows not only in Italy but also in Slovakia in 2000 arranged by the Slovak band Zona A . After some changes The Twinkles are four and again on the way to foreign cities. This time the destination is the Czech Republic. At the three wonderful gigs in Prague, Ricany and Pardubice the boys are warmly welcomed by the audience and have great success. Czech Republic welcomes again The Twinkles one year later in Svojice at the famous festival Anti-Fest. The four Italian band plays together with bands like Chelsea Punk band (Official) , The Vibrators, Angelic Upstarts, Guitar Gangsters, RED ALERT, Vice Squad, Zóna A and TV Smith. In 2004 The Twinkles take part in 3 competitions - Rockon, Emergenza Festival and Arezzo Wave. They perform excellent and win third place at the final of Veneto regional Arezzo Wave festival. The same year the second album is finally released after many problems and obstacles. The album release is followed by large series of promoting shows in Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. The Twinkles have again big success and their name is well-known and established especially in Austria and Slovakia. In 2006 a split album with the Slovak band Street Spirit comes out. Every next show is better than the previous one and then in 2006 the band reaches the final of the Heineken Jammin’ Festival contest. The four boys are chosen between 2212 bands from all over Italy!!!
In the next years The Twinkles perform occasionally. This year they win the Critic Premium of Ritmi Globali 2008. After some shows together with bands like Menace Punk (Teenage Riot Festival in Arena/Vienna/Austria), THE BOYS (Randal Club in Bratislava/Slovakia) and Sham-69 (Surany, Slovakia) The Twinkles have decided that it’s high time to go to the studio again and bring out a new album. So right now the boys are getting ready for new album and new cities and fans hearts to conquer. And so the story goes on…

Lost Avenue

are an Alternative/Punk three piece from Derry, Northern Ireland.
They have received heavy airplay on BBC Radio (their single "Killing Time" received it's premiere on the Huw Stephens show on BBC Radio One by Phil Taggart,) as well as substantial praise from magazines such as "Hot Press" and "Louder than War."
Lost Avenue have toured the UK and Ireland extensively and have supported the likes of Canadian Hardcore legends D.O.A. as well as The Murderburgers, Billy Liar, Carnivores and Goons.

Forgotten Rats

Punk-/Glam-Rock-Band bestehend aus "Urgesteinen" der Münchner Punk-/Untergrundszene. Trafen sich alle vor ca. 40 Jahren im legendären DAMAGE


Acting dorky on purpose. Purposely embarrising oneself when with your friends. Results in stares and looks of disdain from strangers.
e.g. He is such a dork-a-tron. Did you see his Christmas card? He was hugging Mickey Mouse.

Dorkatron (spell Dork-a-tron):
This is the name of your new favourite poppunk band.

Are you ready for dorky schoolyard action, songs about science, computer games and kinky classroom management?

o Yes! - Visit our Bandcamp Page and check out Dorkatron live on stage!

o No! - Newton's ghost will scare the shit out of you.


Oldschool Punkrock from Landshut since 2004


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