The Spitters, Reverend Backflash, 2nd Class Substitutes, 1328 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt

The Spitters, Reverend Backflash, 2nd Class Substitutes, 1328 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt
The Spitters, Reverend Backflash, 2nd Class Substitutes, 1328 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt
Fr, 19. Oktober 2018, 20:30 h
Glockenbachwerkstatt - München,

The Spitters

The Spitters (Toulon/FRA) is Punk-Garage Band signed by the label Death To Majors records. Punk energy and melodies are in synergy.
While the hot sun still beats down on our little heads, The Spitters are in charge of getting things off the ground, which one must admit makes them first choice to start.
Followers of old school punk rock one could say, these young people have an energy that becomes quickly contagious: generally the audience tends to doze off while the opening band plays, but in this case one is immediately caught up and thrown into the ambiance.
The Spitters, is a band to follow very very closely, as they are unrecognized in regards to their incredible talent... The Spitters are THE rising band of Toulon (a bit like the atmosphere when they play).

Reverend Backflash

After more than 10 years of playing hundreds of shitholes, garages and clubs all across Europe and performing alongside international acts such as The 69 Eyes, Turbowolf, Adam Bomb or The Deep Eynde, Reverend Backflash has evolved to a high-class Rock’n’Roll-Show to be reckoned with. From gritty rock-monsters to asskicking r'n'r-hymns through to catchy power-pop-songs, Reverend Backflash is the perfect soundtrack for getting heavily wasted and party until dawn.

The new EP “Holy Shit” contains 4 rock n roll-tracks with Punk, Power-Pop and Country influence performed with lots of guitars and hammond-organ, lyrics about love, life & drugs!

- Jack Nasty / Vocals & Guitar
- Stevo Cannonball / Guitar & Vocals
- Pretty Boy Luke / Bass & Vocals
- Max Lightning / Drums

2nd Class Substitutes

The band was founded in summer of 2012 in Vienna by a group of friends sharing a strong passion for grounded punk rock and the urge to get at it themselves.
Numerous gigs supporting different bands in genre throughout Europe helped enforcing their reputation for a strong live appearance.
With their energetic as well as melodic flavour of punk rock 2nd Class Substitutes keep on spinning the wheel rather than reinventing it.After some small releases, the first album "Dead end street" was released in March 2016.

Members: Elch: bass/backings; Mathias: drums/backings; Lukas: guitar, backings, Simon: guitar & vocals

1328 Beercore

1328, benannt nach dem Gründungsjahr der Augustiner Brauerei, haben ihre Leidenschaft zur Musik und dem Bier vereint.
Punkrock heißt die Devise. Laut, schnell und lustig.
Nicht nur, dass sie mit ihren knalligen und melodiösen Instrumentalparts sowie den Singalongs rund um's Bier und den damit verbundenen Partyexzessen, das Publikum in Bewegung setzen, zeichnen sie sich zudem durch ihre besonderen Live-Shows aus, ganz gleich ob in voller Lautstärke oder als gediegenes Akustik-Set.

Bei einem ihrer Konzerte wurde Hardcore zu Beercore abgewandelt. Somit schlug die Band unbewusst ihre eigene Richtung ein und fand deutlich Gefallen daran, was das Mädel und die Jungs in ihrem aktuellen, seit Mai 2013 veröffentlichtem Album "Pitstop Party" erneut zeigen.
Mit "This is Munich" wurde eine neue Münchenhymne geboren, ganz nach dem Motto "We are on a mission fuck the straight edge inquisition"!....


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