WESTDEAD, Unbekanntes Pferd @ artesano. Ebersberg

WESTDEAD, Unbekanntes Pferd @ artesano. Ebersberg
WESTDEAD, Unbekanntes Pferd @ artesano. Ebersberg
Sa, 19. Mai 2018, 20:00 h
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WESTDEAD was found in November 2016 by one Girl and two Boys in Munich, Germany.

The members Julia (Bassguitar, Backvocals), Björn (Leadguitar, Vocals), Henrik (Drums, Vocals) call their style of music "Heartfelt Punkrock".
That means that the three friends addapted the feeling from the early punkrock times for themselves. They want to share their good feelings and community with people who think the same. While doing and living this attitude the positive vibes of friendship and community should influence the audience.

You can describe their music as an energetic cocktail mixed from blues, rock n roll, reggae and the most important thing punkrock!
Straight and aggressive guitar-riffs and drums and unique vocals transport bad feelings from life but also lucky and peacefull personal impressions from a life that is soaked from a sometimes bitter and unfriendly humanity in which most people ignore without realising that luck consists of beeing friendly and interested in making friends and community while listening to music.

People who like bands like Baboon Show, NOFX or Broilers would also accept these three fellas.

In January 2018 WESTDEAD recorded their first EP "ONCE AGAIN" at Studio Arstaberg Stockholm with the guitarist Hakan Sörle from the Baboon Show.

It contains four songs named:
Religion Punkrock
My closest Person
Story of a white Man
Down at the Shipyards

Until today WESTDEAD played a bunch of shows in Germany, Switzerland and Slowenia.

In 2018 there will be more gigs with friends and good people and a self-organized tour through Germany supported by the swedish punkrockerds from DEATH BY HORSE.

And their first gig will be at artesano on the 19th of may!!!


Unbekanntes Pferd

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