Satori Junk, Dustrider, Vendigo - Zombie Sessions @ Feierwerk

Satori Junk, Dustrider, Vendigo - Zombie Sessions @ Feierwerk
Satori Junk, Dustrider, Vendigo - Zombie Sessions @ Feierwerk
Do, 5. April 2018, 20:00 h
Feierwerk SUNNY RED - München,

Zombie Session Vol. 39

Satori Junk

Acid Horror Doom | Mailand

Born in Milan (Italy) in 2012, Satori Junk is a project that merges heavy fuzzy riffs with more classical influences from the seventies, a suggestive mix of huge saturation and synthesizers.
A massive wall of sound that leaves space for an immersive trip into the psychedelia. Lyrics are often inspired by spooky dreams and horror movies.
The band main objective is to capture the listeners, dragging them into their distorted and rabid dimension.


Heavy Psych | Rom

Born in late 2014-early 2015, Dustrider are an instrumental heavypsych/stoner trio from Roma.
Their sound can be described as a mixture of psychedelic/space rock fused with heavy stoner tunes.
Although in a very short time, the band acquired their own personal vision of music, creating a very
personal style fused in a heavy doom, desert rock and fuzzy riffs in one spaced out trippy package.
In late 2015, Dustrider release their first EP, Mother Engine, entirely self-produced, which caught
the attention and curiosity of part of the insiders. Months after the release of Mother Engine,
Dustrider have come out with a new self-produced single, AgarthA, which opens the way to the first
album of the band, Event Horizon, out May 19th 2017 via Argonauta Records


Founded as Jam-Duo in 2014 in Miesbach, Germany, now a full band inspired by 90s music from the Palm Desert Scene, first heavily influenced by Stoner and Blues sounds, now thriving in multiple directions such as Prog-Rock, Noise and Krautrock.


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