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Rumours - München,


SHAM 69 sind erneut für ein paar wenige Gigs auf dem Festland unterwegs. Und natürlich werden sie ihren gesamten Klassiker Katalog inklusive neuer Songs ihrer letzten Platte spielen. Eine Punkrockparty seinesgleichen!
Es gab viele Line up Wechsel innerhalb der Band, der bedeutendste davon ist sicherlich, dass Jimmy Pursey 2007 durch Tim V ersetzt wurde, die Band widerbelebte und mehrere Welttourneen bestritten hat.
Sham 69 kraftvolle Performance ist trotz der ganzen Gerüchte ob ihrer Existenz immer wieder überwältigend.


Female fronted New wave punk grunge band..DIY and hungry..
How Healthy Junkies formed:
Parisian Lead singer Nina Courson met British guitarist Phil Honey-Jones in 2009 in the now defunct venue Punk in Soho, both of them were in separate bands at the time. It wasn't long, however, before ideas of their own and a new found mutual volatility raised its wretched head and so they started to write songs together as a kind of antidote to this madness , the shared influences of the likes of Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Blondie, Killing Joke,Sonic Youth, Bauhaus and Bowie playing a big part in the direction of the music. Inspiration has come from far and wide and lyrically the lines between autobiographical and fiction are blurred and merged. I suppose if there was a specific aim it would be to capture and bottle the essence of certain music from the past and release it kicking and screaming into the now with a fresh baby scent.
They have played now with many different drummers and bass players along the way, the line-up seemed to be in a constant state of flux but the spirit has remained the same and actually the current line-up has been together for well over a year.. They played their first gig together at an all day punk festival in Brighton in September 2010 where the promoter unfortunately ran off with the money and Healthy Junkies only got to play about 15 mins before the festival shut down.. Since then the band have played many gigs all over the U.K. including a slot at the mighty Rebellion punk festival in August 2012 and 2013 and 2014. The band continue to play at their self-hosted monthly night at The Unicorn, Camden London called Punk'n'roll rendezvous as well as travelling all round the UK and Europe regularly. Healthy Junkies were featured on a New York radio station and talk show in October and are laying the groundwork for an East coast US tour next year.
On stage lead singer Nina Courson interacts with the other band members and entices her audience in the theatre that has become the trademark of their live shows. Its all in the songs really, make what you will of them, they are just diary pieces personal to us and about what we see around us. Healthy Junkies are here to entertain, we play what they feel like playing and don't feel the need to compromise or fit in. The world right now is in a state of chaos and is getting worse on so many levels so we need live music more than ever to either take us away from this or help us face it. Either way this is where we find ourselves and so stay Healthy if you can and if you're going to get addicted to something, make it music that means something, not prossac/mind numbing pharmaceutical corporate rip off pills intended to kill individuality off and turn us into lobotomized robot slaves.

Our self released their debut album entitled Sick Note in 2011. The follow up 'The Lost Refuge' is now available on STP Records and an E.P. entitled 'Hair of the dog' is now available only at gigs or from the band themselves on third album 'Box of chaos' is now available from STP Records on and can be downloaded on i tunes or streamed on spotify 
The current line-up for the band now includes Dave Whitmore on bass guitar and Tony Alda on drums playing alongside Nina and Phil. 


Swedens finest edgy punk rock.

Restless and bored the trio decided to write a bunch of songs, get a van and spend their time on the roads in Europe. Hundreds of shows in over two handfuls of countries later the sweds are now one of the tightest and most intense live bands on the scene.

The punkrock trio are restless flirting with folk, SKA and rock'n'roll combined with the intense mix between the two vocalists Martin and Paulina the energy is on a constant high!
2013 the album Boredom Fighters was released on Sunny Bastards Records and earned the band a lot of respect for the great songwriting and intense switching between the two vocalists. Their third album, "Love Songs For Haters" will be released in fall 2017, with hymns against sexism, against racism and tributes to this life and all the great things going on in that we sometimes tend to forget about!

Feets will be moving, hips will be shaking and throats will be singing!


Psychords are Violet Burns (vocals and guitar), Gio Highlander (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Claudia Lo (drums and backing vocals), an all-female punk rock band from Milan. The current power trio emerged in May of 2014 from the previous 5 elements band, founded in 2011 and immediately started working on their own songs, strongly inspired by the first punk rock wave. In November 2014, Psychords released their first video, “I wanna live like Joey Ramone” and after few months they recorded their first EP, "Psychords", released in November 2015 with the English label Headcheck Records. The EP launched the band in the UK, with a tour in January of 2016 that made them play also at the popular venue “The Unicorn Camden Live” in London and at the Rebellion Festival 2016. To be mentioned in the same months the participation to some important festivals in Italy, during two "Strummer Calling" festivals (Estathè Market Sound, Milan Rugby Festival), in memory of the beloved Joe Strummer.
At the same time, their music is noted and appreciated by the label Outloud! Records who decided to deal out their EP in the US. In fall 2017, the three riot girls are back with their new ‘live in studio’ album anticipated by the singles and videos "Save My Sanity" and "Slave”. The new album “Save My Sanity” will be launched in exclusive preview for the UK during the upcoming Rebellion Festival 2017 (Blackpool) when Psychords will play the new tracklist for the 1st time ever during the 4th August show (Stage Arena, 6.35 pm).

“They play excellent ,"Ramones-style" punk rock. Catchy, addictive and very impacting” - Ondalternativa (IT)

“I admit, I'm a little smitten by these ladies. Not just because they're Italian, attractive and part of an in your face band, but more so for their damn good sound” – It’s All About That Music (US) 

“In ‘I Wanna Live Like Joey Ramone’ they have recorded 2 minutes and 3 seconds of pure dynamite” – Uber Rock (UK) 

“Garage Rock that's been polished like a '77 punk band - still effected by the psychedelic rock era without being a slave to it” – Outloud! Records (US)

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