Manitoba NYC (The Dictators NYC), Hung Like Hanratty, Politicians @ Rumours

Manitoba NYC (The Dictators NYC), Hung Like Hanratty, Politicians @ Rumours
Manitoba NYC (The Dictators NYC), Hung Like Hanratty, Politicians @ Rumours
Fr, 24. November 2017, 20:00 h
Rumours - München,

Manitoba NYC (The Dictators NYC)

The Dictators NYC kommen auch 2017 nach Europa!! The Dictators NYC aus New York City! Die Band, die soviele Rock- und Punkrock-Bands weltweit beeinflusst hat, ohne die es Bands wie Turbonegro, Backyard Babies und The Hellacopters in dieser Form wohl nie gegeben hätte.
The Dictators gründeten sich 1973 in New York City und waren die Pre-Punkband nach den New York Dolls und noch vor den Ramones. Ihre erste Platte „Go Girl Crazy“ kam bereits 1975 heraus. Nach 3 Alben war bereits Ende der 1970er Jahre Schluss und es wurde ruhig um die beiden Hauptakteure Handsome Dick Manitoba und Ross the Boss, der in den 1980ern MANOWAR gründete.
Doch die Band reformierte sich immer wieder und veröffentlichte 2001 ihr Masterpiece “DFFD“, aus dem ihr wohl bekanntester Song „Who will save RocknRoll“ herstammt. 2013 entschieden sich drei der Jungs von den Dictators, dem Ruf der Fans aus aller Welt erneut zu folgen und endlich wieder Konzerte zu geben. Sie dachten, die Musik, die sovielen Menschen soviel bedeutet, sollte nicht zu Grabe getragen werden. Also zogen sie los und besorgten sich den lustigsten besten Bass-Spieler, den sie kannten, einen Mann namens Dean „The Dream“ Rispler, und außerdem an der Gitarre dabei, der großartige Mr Daniel Rey, der bereits mit den Ramones deren Songs geschrieben und deren Alben produziert hat!
The Dictators waren komplett außer einer Sache… Da es nicht das 100%ige Original-Line-Up war, war es der Band wichtig, den nicht mitwirkenden Ex Mitgliedern Tribut zu zollen und den Bandnamen leicht zu verändern. Und so sind The Dictators NYC geboren!!
Seit 2014 tourt die Band ausgiebigst durch die Welt. Im November 2015 kam ihre neue Single „Supply and demand“ auf den Markt, die innerhalb weniger Wochen ausverkauft war. Eine Nachpressung in schickem roten Vinyl wurde zur Sommertour 2016 veröffentlicht (OTIS REC Italy).
Einige der Originalmitglieder der Band waren mit all dem nicht sehr glücklich. Somit ändert die Band ihren Namen ab sofort in MANITOBA NYC um. Die Band bleibt gleich, die Songs bleiben gleich. Die Show bleibt gleich. Und im November 2017 sind sie schon wieder hier auf Tour, denn sie bekommen einfach nicht genug!
Members of the band:
Handsome Dick Manitoba – vocals
Ross The Boss – guitar
JP “Thunderbolt” Patterson - drums
Daniel Rey – guitar
Dean Rispler – bass

Hung Like Hanratty

Hung Like Hanratty originally formed in 1992 by Al Sation and Chris Charles, Al and Chris had been in bands together, before .In 1978 Al was in a band called Anabolic Sterroids, from Mansfield. Al left and got together with Chris to form Fork Nunts. They had an album out on Nolen of oi records????????? Titled We Are The Clowns. The band had fun and some success, but it sadly came to an end when girlfriends started falling out and Al and Chris had a bust up.
In 1992 Chris and Al made up and decided to form another punk band. Many names were considered but we stuck with Hung Like Hanratty, thought up by a good friend, Pete Miles, who sadly passed away to cancer (R.I.P). We got a new Guitarist Adi and a new Drummer Tik Tok Tim. A handful of demos were recorded which lead to lots of gigs. The songs were to the point, and some people did take offence, fights in the early days did happen a lot. As we were becoming known Chris decided to get himself arrested and sent to prison for attempted murder. So sadly the band folded.
Al keeps going forming more bands, which also had some success. In 1997 Chris was released from prison, he visited Al, and Hung Like Hanratty was re born. Adi came back on Guitar, Chris on Bass, Al Vocals and now we had drummer Scot on Drums.
With a string of insane shows HLH were quickly snapped up by RTV records. The first (EP) was a great recording, titled “Don’t Have a Safe Journey Home”. It was instantly banned due to the sick cover of Lady Diana. Only a small handful got away and it now books at £800.00. RTV gave the band a second chance, but then created another graphic cover, that never got released and the band were sacked.
They went to shoot a video about Lady Diana, They were going to sail to Diana’s grave in a dingy, but ended up getting arrested. but no charges were made.
Royalist’s were fuming and one night on Alfreton road in Sutton – in – Ashfield, Al was beaten with iron bars and ended up in Hospital. When Al came out he vowed never to back down.
In 1999 Chris was arrested again and charged with violent assault on a bus driver and he was sent back to prison. The band split up yet again!
Al formed a band called A Multitude Of Sins, with all new members. They played original material and some covers, having many good gigs playing all over the UK and getting good reactions and reviews.
But they were still falling on hard times losing practice rooms after practice rooms, so with not rehearsing regular the interest started going and sadly A Multitude Of Sins split up.
Chris approached Al after he had been released from prison and ask if he could reform Hung Like Hanratty. Al agreed. so the band was now made up of. Al vocals, Kyla now on the drums and Valium joined on guitar,with Chris on Bass
New songs were written about everyday life, like picking up dog shit etc. The songs were a huge success and soon the band had a record deal with UnderDogz Records.
Chris being Chris was still causing trouble within the band and controversially Al decided to sack him. A replacement was needed so Cal was recruited. We were getting more and more gigs they were getting better and the following bigger, it was becoming fun again.
Tracks for a new album were written and were recorded at Unit 5 Studios in Mansfield, titled Human Pig. This album proved to be a huge success, with top reviews and sales.
Sadly Cal could not commit to the band so Al had to ask Chris to come back. Things were on the up again, top gigs and big crowds were what HLH were facing, it was brilliant. People still got offended by the material that was produced, but over the years they started to understand it was just tongue in check. But again Chris caused so much trouble that the band had, had enough so Kyle left. Valium and Al also had got fed-up with Chris, but kept going even though the fun had gone out of it again.
HLH advertised for a new drummer, the response was good but loads of drummers came who were just awful. Kyle said he would stand in until we found a good drummer that suited the band. The next gig we did at the Crown in Sutton – in – Ashfield it went down well, but Chris being Chris again kicked off, and smashing things. So Al again sacked him. That left just Al and Valium. and a two piece punk rock band was not going to work, Gigs were cancelled and it looked like the end of HLH. But all of a sudden HLH had a call from Alex Trician, he came along for a rehearsal and was outstanding. So Al rang Tez Tickle from ESO to see if he could help out on Bass, and HLH were re born.
It’s now fun and we are back to enjoying what we all do best, playing again. To add that extra power that was needed we recruited ASA Spadeds on rhythm Guitar. HLH have gone from strength to strength, and through a lot of hard work become one of the most successful punk bands on the UK circuit today.


Wieder vereinte bzw. neu reformierte Punk- Garage- Alternative-Kapelle aus München! Gegründet 1986, Sänger und Gitarrist waren schon seit den späten 70ern in der Münchner Untergrund-Szene mit Trotzkis Rache bzw Politbüro aktiv. 1987 erscheint die vielgelobte LP MEAT bei GLITTERHOUSE, 1988 Auflösung. Zwei kurze Reunions jeweils mit anderer Rhythmus-Sektion in Mitte 90er, Anfang 00er. Jetzt mit Pit Altinger von den legendären Marionettes an den Drums, Bassistin ist noch ein Geheimnis. Stil: Cow-Punk á lá Gun Club, (60ies-) Garage Trash, ein Hauch Glam Rock.

Beginn: 20:30 (Einlass 20:00) Abendkasse: 24,00 €


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