Rock inside the Glock #17: Bitch Queens, Thunder and Blitzkrieg, Christmas, Subnotes

Rock inside the Glock #17:  Bitch Queens, Thunder and Blitzkrieg, Christmas, Subnotes
Rock inside the Glock #17: Bitch Queens, Thunder and Blitzkrieg, Christmas, Subnotes
Fr, 18. Dezember 2015, 20:00 h
Glockenbachwerkstatt - München,

Bitch Queens

High-Energy Live Show, In-Your-Face Riffs und eine Fuck You-Attitüde – noch Fragen!? Nun gut ... Der Sound der BITCH QUEENS ist nicht nur einfacher 1-2-3-4 Punk, sondern besitzt neben straighten Beats, auch die eine oder andere Finesse. So sind die musikalischen Einflüsse durchaus unterschiedlich: die Dead Boys treffen auf Turbonegro und die Stooges auf die frühen Backyard Babies. Seit 2008 sind Mel Quitt (Vox/Guitar), Harry Darling (Drums/Vox), Danny Schönenberger (Guitar) und Marcel Colomb (Bass /Vox) unterwegs und haben sich in etlichen Shows und auf mehreren Tourneen quer durch Europa und Japan unter Beweis gestellt. Dabei haben sich die Bitch Queens zu einer Live-Band entwickelt, welcher wohl nur wenige Schweizer Formationen das Wasser reichen können.

Thunder and Blitzkrieg

Dude, what’s happening…?!?!“
“Look, the chubby one…he’s a cutie!“
“Those clothes…are they for real?”
“This rocks like hell!”
“Dude, it’s like Van Halen partying with The Ramones and …wossitsname, Bon Jovi dropping by later in the evening! D’ya know ‘em?”
“Just like old times…”
If you happen to overhear these comments of a Munich concert-going audience – which usually strikes out as being adulterated by too much bad Electronic Club sounds, sticking to conformist cultural criteria and being hell bent on keeping a low profile – the fuss can only be about one special circle of people: THUNDER AND BLITZKRIEG
We have committed ourselves to become the most exciting, dirtiest, loudest and best looking band in town and, my word, we are pretty darn good at it!
We have supported various big international acts like The Supersuckers, Adrew W.K. or Turbowolf, sold out shows in small but packed dives and joints and shared our booze with even smaller bands in front of empty clubs.
We have worked our way up from basements in the suburbs to every stage – small and big – of every youth center and club within an hour’s driving distance from Munich. We are exciters, spell weavers and never had time for indifference.
We also never had a full album of our own. Until now!
After five years, hundreds of gigs, a tour in Spain, uncounted bottles of Jack and Jim and innumerous worn out panties (which are to say, our own) we finally did it!
30.01. was the release date of our first full length album “BROKE,WILD AND FREE”, including twelve songs which will guarantee the listener more than one hour of audiogasms.
The album is available at your local Online store (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify). A proper real life sound carriage medium - Yup kids, those things still exist - can be ordered at Amazon or directly via our Email Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.
Catch a glimpse of their new video clip for “Torpedo Lover” until you have the next chance to see us live on stage where you can also purchase the album – signed with a kiss and polished with sweat if desired.


In 2010 a band was founded out in the sticks of the rural Saarland town of St.Wendel, which set out to destroy all clichés and kick some serious ass!
At first nobody knew how to play his or her instrument. Even after several recasts that did not change, only the their ability to drink someone under the table grew!
The quartet tours the all over Europe and shared stages with bands such as Turbonegro, Black Fag, Kotzreiz, All For Nothing, Dampfmaschine, etc…
The entertainment is continuously growing, no matter if singer Max Mötherfucker heads glass bottles, guitarist Tommy Crack is, even with the greatest effort, just slurring or Matze Rosette falls asleep mid-show. Solely bass player Mrs. Mötherfucker sometimes is not that bad.
After a 10” EP, a 12” picture disc split, 7” split and a contribution to the Turbonegro tribute sampler “Omega Motherfuckers” they finally release their long awaited first album!
10 songs at a killer speed, all of their friends shout along in the background and almost at the end Turbonegro bass player Happy Tom is stating the conclusion of the record: “Fuck Christmas!”


Die SUBNOTES machen Testosteron-Rock für Nächte, die nach Exzess riechen, für Küsse, die nach Bier schmecken und für Körper, die sich an Körpern reiben!

Kneipe: 19:00 Uhr  Beginn 20:00 Uhr  Eintritt: AK 10 €


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